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Forget your lunch money? Want faster fast food? With one swipe of your credit card at a Manhattan Burger King, youll be eating your Whopper before you know it.
New wireless terminals installed at the Canal Street Burger King in New York increase the speed, convenience and security of buying by credit card. The wireless transaction typically takes 3 to 5 seconds versus 11 to 20 seconds for a traditional dial-up service, making that fast food line move faster. In addition to speeding up the purchase process, the wireless terminals will allow merchants to transact business anywhere the customer wishes to buy, instead of being confined to a service counter with a telephone line.

This new technology is offered through a joint marketing agreement between Bell Atlantic Mobiles AirBridge wireless data service and U.S. Wireless Datas Wireless Express Payment Service, which was announced in March 1998. Its the wave of the future.

Bell Atlantic Mobile also uses its technology to help individuals and communities improve security and emergency communications through its Wireless at Work community service program. They can be reached by visiting their Web site at

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