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Many Tongues – One App

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Many people feel intimated by any application process. Chase Manhattan Bank is the first major credit card issuer to make applying for a credit card easier – by creating a brochure with sections in English, Spanish and Chinese.

The new brochure, the Quick and Easy Guide for Completing Your Chase Credit Card Application, is available in all of Chases 475 branches in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut), and 130 Texas branches. It is designed to be used with any Chase credit card application, and includes a completed sample application in all three languages. The whole idea is to make all consumers comfortable applying for a credit card, even those whose native language is English. The Guide should reduce the number of consumers who are not approved for a credit card due to incomplete or missing information.

You can join the more than 30 million consumers coast-to-coast that have a relationship with Chase by contacting them online at

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