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Royal Endorsement

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The prestigious Kings College has joined 10 other colleges of the University of Cambridge in endorsing MBNA to offer a credit card to its staff, alumni and supporters. Established in 1441, Kings College is the most famous of the Cambridge Colleges and one of the premier colleges in the world.
This important new endorsement is a significant expansion of the banks relationship with the University of Cambridge. The program will be offered to the Colleges supporters, including 6,500 alumni and 500 staff, fellows and academics. The card will be available as a Standard or Gold VISA.

MBNA Europe was established in 1993, where MBNA International employs nearly 2,000 people in Chester and London, England, Dublin, Ireland and Edinburgh, Scotland. They have more than 650 membership organizations, including Bradford & Bingley Building Society, Manchester United Football Club, Mercedes, Burberrys, Royal College of Surgeons, and World Wide Fund for Nature.

If youd like more information on MBNA, visit their Web site at You can apply for the card of your choice by calling 1-800-WEB-APPLY.

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