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American Express has introduced a new credit card that will help Canadian small business owners enjoy the little leisure time they can squeeze out of a busy schedule.
A recent American Express study of over 300 Canadian small business owners revealed that the two greatest challenges they face are the financial issues of running their own show, and making the most of their limited leisure time. The new AIR MILES Gold Business Card by American Express gives these entrepreneurs financial flexibility and balance between their business and personal lives.

The new American Express AIR MILES Gold Business Card is designed to do more for small businesses, while enhancing the personal time of the business owners.An especially attractive feature is that the card provides the small business owner access to up to $50,000 in credit financing. In addition, the card has no annual fee and has a long list of reward options available to cardmembers that they can use personally or as part of their business. Some of these key benefits include:

–100 miles activation bonus
–6.9% introductory interest rate,then the standard 18.25%
–up to nine free supplemental cards for employees
–company name on the card
–$100,000 Travel Accident Insurance
–assured reservations
–free air travel
–weekend getaways
–hotel stays
–car rentals
–tickets to movies
–baseball games
–theatre performances
–free long-distance calling
–24-hour customer service

The AIR MILES rewards are figured on one mile for every $20 in purchases, and can be used for both business and personal spending. Cardmembers who are already AIR MILES program enrollees earn miles even faster when using the Card at any of the 9,600 AIR MILES sponsor locations across Canada. AT&T Canada, UPS, Holiday Inn, NEBS Business Forms and Liberty Health are a few of the participating sponsors.

More and more small businesses across Canada are using their credit cards in place of traditional loans to finance their companies. They also use them to build relationships with clients at leisure activites-turned business occasions, or as a way to thank or motivate business partners or employees.

Consumers in Canada can contact American Express on 800-869-3016 to apply, or contact the AIR MILES program directly at 888-AIRMILES. Click on their Web site, then Look At Our Other Sites By Country: Canada, for more information on American Express cards and services.

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