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Union 76 pumped out some real cash to its gas credit cardholders this week. The firm awarded a check in the amount of $76,000 to Virginia Marquez, a resident of Fountain Valley, California and a student at California State University of Fullerton. She was the grand prize winner in the national 76 Gasoline “Destined to Win” sweepstakes. The national contest automatically entered customers who used their 76 credit cards during February and March to win one of hundreds of fortune-telling ’76 Destiny Balls’, free gas for one year, or the $76,000 grand prize. The 76 station in Garden Grove, CA will also receive $1,000 in prize money to split between the employees for being the site that sold the winning tank of gasoline. Union 76 is a retail brand of Tosco Marketing Company which also runs Circle K convenience stores. “Destined to Win” second prize winners of Free 76 Gas for a Year included D.P. Lawrence of Boulder Creek, Calif., Danny Duong, of La Puente, Calif., Janet Moscini of Redwood City, Calif., Sang Nam of Norwalk, Calif., James Douglas of El Dorado Hills, Calif., Robert Collins of Orange, Calif., Grant Bethel of Sierra Madre, Calif., Max Newby of Napa, Calif., Sherri May of Cornelius, Ore., Antonio Marquecho of Los Angeles, Jane Michaud of Northridge, Calif., Frank Michalak of Murrieta, Calif., Stanley Canter of Los Angeles, Peggy Trejo of Sacramento, Calif., Hagop Aliksanian of Montebello, Calif., Michael Buell of San Carlos, Calif., Charles Dewitt of Placerville, Calif., Bert Deixler of Los Angeles, Kimberly Crites of Patterson, Calif., Mitch Tanaka of Orange, Calif., Tina Armanino of Burlingame, Calif., Larry Schmahl of Whittier, Calif., Diane Larrea of Los Altos Hills, Calif., David Murray of Tucson, Ariz., Janice Bentley of Cudahy, Calif., Byron Long of San Diego, Jason Cook of Edmonds, Calif., Frederick Gast of Portland, Ore., Homer Jernigan of Calistoga, Calif. and Gladys Cox of Charlotte, N.C. For more information visit www.tosco .com/internet_pub/repository/76/1040.html.

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