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Juniper MasterCard

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A newly established bank is set to offer online and wireless banking plus a new credit card. Juniper Bank is now offering a transparent MasterCard that features no over-limit fees, low late fees, and the ability for cardholders to manage their accounts and pay their bills online or via wireless devices. The Juniper MasterCard offers a 2.9% four-month intro APR followed by a prime +4.49% on-going APR. Late payment fees are $19 compared to an industry average of $26. However balances paid late will be assessed a prime +10.49% APR. Like First USA, Juniper is charging a 2% balance transfer for transfers made after the initial application. Juniper says customers will soon be able to view their account balances, pay bills, transfer funds between Juniper and non-Juniper accounts and receive Juniper notifications through a variety of wireless devices, including Web-enabled phones, PDAs and pagers. Juniper’s banking customers can withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide and will be reimbursed up to $6.00 per month for ATM fees charged by other banks. Customers will also be able to walk into most of Mail Boxes Etc.’s 3,400 U.S. locations and overnight their banking deposits free of charge. Juniper was founded by former executives of First USA and is a division of Columbus Bank & Trust in Georgia.Consumers can now apply for a Juniper credit card, checking account or other financial products online at, or toll-free at 888-232-0780.

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