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The competition in the business card market is heating up as more and more issuers add air mileage enhancements to the cards. Advanta has launched a major solicitation this month for its new Bonus Miles MasterCard BusinessCard. The new card offer follows the introduction, in November, of Capital One’s VISA MilesOne Business Platinum Card and National City’s Business FirstAir VISA. Under the Advanta program, cardholders earn one point for each dollar in purchases charged, which may be redeemed for a $100 discount reward for each 10,000 points earned. Cardholders may also earn a free domestic ticket on any airline, without regard to blackout periods, for 25,000 points. Capital One’s program offering free travel for as little as 18,000 miles, depending on zone, while National City’s program offers free domestic travel for as low as 20,000 points. Advanta is charging a $40 annual fee for the program with APRs ranging from Libor +3.37% to Libor +18.37%, depending on credit worthiness. Capital One offers three versions of its program including two Platinum versions which carry no-annual-fee, and a classic version which carries a $29 annual fee. Cap One’s APRs on its MilesOne business cards range from Libor +5.28% to Libor +13.18%, according to CardWatch. Cap One limits business cardholders to 10,000 miles per month while Advanta has no point limit. Under Advanta’s program points expire after three years while Cap One’s points expire after five years. National City’s business miles program requires a $60 annual fee for the first card and $35 per year for each additional card. The National City FirstAir VISA offers a six month prime -1% intro rate followed by a on-going APR of prime +3.9%. To learn more about these business card products visit;; and

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