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Bulletproof Privacy

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If you are concerned about the privacy of your personal financial information, there is a legitimate way to beat the system. Just set up an “Asset Protection Corporation”, preferably in Nevada. Some wealthy consumers also transfer funds out of the country. An individual does not have to actually own a business or be actively operating one to form an asset protection corporation. Under the law, a corporation is an artificial “person,” completely separate from the people that own or operate it. Because it is a separate entity, that corporation provides the individual with the greatest personal liability protection possible, making it the ideal vehicle to manage a bank or brokerage account, car, boat or house. This is usually done without using a Social Security Number. Nevada is one of the best states to use because of its unique corporate privacy features and tax laws. Also it is the best state for corporations because there isn’t a personal or corporate income tax or other business taxes. For more information call Asset Protection Group at 800-864-2792.

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