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Wireless Burgers

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Beam up a Big Mac. Chicago consumers are now able to use a wireless device linked to a credit card to purchase fast food. McDonald’s announced this week it will expand the pilot of ExxonMobil’s Speedpass contactless payment program to more than 400 outlets in the Chicago area. Last fall, McDonald’s launched a limited test of the payment system in nine Chicago area restaurants. McDonald’s says it is testing other similar systems and will eventually decide on a system to use nationwide. Speedpass, is a radio frequency transponder device that fits on a key chain. It will automatically bill purchases against a pre-determined credit card. The Mobil system was launched in the USA in May 1997 following a six-month test in St. Louis. The program recently signed up its four millionth user. The Speedpass program has also been introduced in markets outside the USA including Singapore and Canada. McDonald’s has another pilot underway in 26 Boise, ID outlets using the MicroTrak wireless system developed by PA-based FreedomPay. McDonald’s is also testing a wireless payment system in Southern California in conjunction with Orange County’s FasTrak mass transit system and in New York a test will be launched soon utilizing the EZPass system. Fo more informaton

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