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Student Travel Card

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Parents can forget about forking over pocket cash for high school trips. New England-based FirstDebit Corporation has developed a pre-paid MasterCard debit card specifically for high school students traveling in the USA or abroad on school organized trips. The card is currently being offered to students traveling through EF Tours, one of the world leaders in student travel. The card works like a stored value card, giving student travelers access to a pre-determined amount of cash. The card can be used to get local currency at more than 550,000 ATM locations worldwide and can also be used to make purchases anywhere that accepts MasterCard. Funds can be added to the card and, if lost or stolen, the funds can be frozen and a new card issued within three days. The travel card can also be combined with a pre-paid phone card, allowing students to call home from 55 countries. Bank Rhode Island is the issuing bank of the EF Travel Card. FirstDebit is a host-based stored value company. The firm provides the card processing services via BISYS, marketing content, Web site, application processing, and will be adding Internet banking features this fall. For more information,

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