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America’s second-largest low-fare airline has landed its first credit card. AirTran Airways has teamed with Juniper Bank to launch the new “AirTran A-Plus Platinum VISA” which offers free round-trip air travel with only 12 credits or 12,000 points, about half what the major carriers require for free seats. The “AirTran A-Plus Platinum VISA” includes AirTran’s frequent flier program, “A-Plus Rewards.” Under the credit card program cardholders earn points or credits from each purchase as well as transferred balances. Cardholders earn one point for each dollar spent on regular purchases, and two points per dollar spent on AirTran Airways ticket purchases. Cardholders can also earn additional points by transferring balances from other credit cards at the rate of one point per dollar transferred (up to 3,000 points or three credits). The new “AirTran A-Plus Platinum VISA” features a six-month 3.9% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers. The go-to rate is 14.99%. The card also carries an annual fee of $39.00. Upon activation, new cardholders receive four credits. Customers can earn a free round-trip ticket or four Business Class upgrades on AirTran Airways for 12 credits, or a free round-trip ticket on any one of 14 other airlines to destinations not served by AirTran Airways for 24 credits. For more information visit

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