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The average general purpose credit card outstandings per household, excluding store/gas credit cards, grew a mere 2.5% last year to $6,429. Among the five most populous states, Texas was the only one to come in below the national average. The states with the lowest average bank credit card outstandings per household in the $3,400 range were Mississippi, Kentucky, and North Dakota, according to CardData ( Idaho and Nevada posted the strongest gains in bank credit card outstandings in 2003, rising 4% and 6%, respectively. The state-by-state breakdown was based on total bank credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) outstandings of $677 billion and 105.3 million households at year-end 2003.

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|_2. BIG FIVE STATES – EOY 2003 |
|_2. (Avg Outstandings Per Household) |
|_. California | $8,417 |
|_. New York | $7,986 |
|_. Florida | $7,810 |
|_. Illinois | $7,478 |
|_. Texas | $5,176 |
|_2. Source: CardData ( |

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