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More than 20 million general purpose credit and debit cards were added to the national cardbase during the third quarter. VISA, which holds a 52% share based on total U.S. cards-in-force, added more than nine million cards to end the quarter with 452.5 million credit and debit cards. MasterCard, with a 37.5% share, added more than eight million credit and debit cards in 3Q/04. American Express grew by 600,000 cards in the third quarter to 38 million. For complete details on card breakouts by network, visit CardData (

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|_2. 3Q/04 CARDS-IN-FORCE |
|_. VISA: |452.5 million |
|_. MasterCard: |325.8 million |
|_. Discover: | 53.7 million |
|_. American Express:| 38.0 million |
|_. TOTAL: |870.0 million |
|_2. Source: CardData ( |

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