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Petco PayPass

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Specialty retailer PETCO Animal Supplies has agreed to accept “MasterCard PayPass” at all of its nearly 900 stores in the USA. Customers simply tap their “PayPass”-enabled card or device on the “PayPass” reader and are on their way. Purchases under $25 will not require the customer to sign the receipt, further speeding up the transaction. In addition, PETCO will continue to accept traditional magnetic-stripe payment cards. At mid-year there were more than 16 million “PayPass” cards and devices issued globally, and “PayPass” is currently accepted globally at more than 55,000 merchant locations, including participating 7-Eleven, CVS, McDonalds, Regal Entertainment Group theaters and many others. “PayPass” is also accepted at numerous professional football and baseball stadiums. For more information visit: “”:

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