2008 Outlook

The credit card landscape will be changing next year thanks to spill-over effects of the mortgage mess and heat from a Democrat-led Congress over credit card practices. However, lower interest rates and strong competition will help consumers find some real bargains. The research staff of CardWeb.com, the leading news/research information site for the payment card industry, has strapped on their binoculars to help you see what is coming next year. Here is a list of ten credit card items to be on the lookout for in 2008:

# Higher Credit Card Qualifying Requirements
# Reduced Credit Card Credit Lines
# Devaluation of Credit Card Rewards
# Promotional Credit Card Interest Rates
# Increased Fixed Rate Credit Card Promotions
# Proliferation of “Green” Rewards
# Roll-Back on Universal Default Policies
# Expanded Financial Education Programs
# Lots of Perks from the Major Card Brands
# More Leeway on Late and Over-Limit Fees

For more information visit: cardflash.com, carddata.com, cardwatch.com or cardweb.com.

R. McKinley

R. McKinley

Staff Writer at CardTrak.com Inc.
Robert McKinley is considered one of the foremost authorities on payment products and systems with nearly 25 years of experience in the day-to-day analyses of the payments industry.
R. McKinley
R. McKinley
R. McKinley

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