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Airport Business Center Directory

Understanding the need for business travelers to maximize productivity while away from the office, Air Travel Card has published the “Business Travel Airport Directory — A practical guide to Airport Business Centers and Airport Clubs.”

Believed to be the first resource of its kind for business travelers, the directory offers practical information about business-related services available at the 50 busiest airports in the United States. Single copies of the new directory are being offered free of charge while supplies last, with additional copies available for a fee. To obtain a copy, call toll-free, 1-800-222-4688.

The Air Travel Card directory provides the terminal locations of all business centers and airline clubs at the 50 airports it covers. Each listing offers detailed information about a wide range of business services and their costs. Among the directory’s listing are: the availability and size of conference rooms; inbound and outbound facsimile services; computer and secretarial services; photocopy services; currency exchange; overnight delivery services and notary public services.

“Business executives need every ounce of assistance possible to ensure a productive and successful outcome to their business travel” said Sandi Reynolds, Air Travel Card’s director of marketing and industry relations. “As people begin to use the new directory, we believe they will find it an essential tool for helping to make optimal use of their time in the nation’s busiest airports.”

Air Travel Card said that, established in 1936 as the world’s first charge card, it is the airline industry’s own business travel payment system used by more than lO0,000 corporations worldwide including more than half of the Fortune 500. The card is accepted by more than 200 airlines worldwide as payment for air travel.

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