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AT&T Universal Purchases Via AT&T Worldnet Service

AT&T today announced that AT&T WorldNet(SM) Service customers who charge the service to their AT&T Universal Card will receive financial liability protection for purchases made on the Internet. The protection applies to fraudulent transactions by unauthorized users when customers use this card to make Internet purchases via AT&T WorldNet Service.

The protection is not subject to the $50 deductible that credit card companies typically reserve the right to charge when credit cards are stolen or missing.

“This guarantee demonstrates AT&T’s commitment to the Internet for shopping,” said Tom Evslin, vice president, AT&T Gateway Services. “We believe business will grow on the Internet, just as it has with toll-free 800 service, once our customers are comfortable using their credit cards online. Encryption doesn’t really give customers peace of mind and it alone doesn’t give businesses the confidence to bring their customers online; a guarantee from AT&T will.”

The AT&T Universal Card Service program is the second-largest MasterCard and Visa program in the U.S., with more than 17.7 million accounts and 25 million card members. AT&T, which provides communications services to 80 million consumers and 10 million business customers, is committed to bringing customers the same level of Internet service that they’ve come to expect from other AT&T services. With this program, AT&T is taking a major step toward making the Internet viable for consumer shopping.

“Many people don’t have confidence that the Internet is safe enough for them to make purchases with their credit cards,” said Hans Hawrysz, executive vice president, electronic commerce, AT&T Universal Card Services. “AT&T is addressing those concerns and our first step is putting this stake in the ground. Simply by charging AT&T WorldNet Service to your AT&T Universal Card and otherwise following your card member agreement, we will not hold you liable for Internet charges made to your AT&T Universal Card by unauthorized users if compromised while on this service. This signals our commitment to being a leader in emerging electronic commerce services.”

As part of this offer, customers who sign up for AT&T WorldNet Service with the AT&T Universal Card through 1996 also will get Wallet Security(SM) free for the first year. The Wallet Security program is a comprehensive card registration, issuer notification and replacement service provided by CUC International.

“Our intent is to continue providing our customers with a comprehensive range of exciting new services that ensures their peace of mind and security in both the physical and online environments — anytime, anywhere,” Hawrysz said.

AT&T WorldNet Service provides access to the Internet for people at home, in the office or on the road. It has powerful navigational tools and information directories to help customers locate individuals and information, and will offer high-quality, around-the-clock customer care via an 800 number.

Dial access to AT&T WorldNet Service, for both consumers and businesses, will become available at the conclusion of the current nationwide beta test in the first quarter of 1996. The AT&T Universal Card protection will be available immediately upon commercial release of the dial access option for AT&T WorldNet Service.

Managed leased line access to AT&T WorldNet Service is available today for businesses nationwide.

Anyone seeking information on this AT&T Universal Card or AT&T WorldNet Service offer may call 1-800-423-4343. Information on AT&T WorldNet Service can be accessed via the AT&T WorldNet Service Home Page on the Internet at or send electronic mail questions about the service to [email protected] Information on AT&T Universal Card Services also is available via the AT&T Universal Card Services Home Page at

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