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January 96 CardGame Winners

CardGame, the monthly “Interactive Card Game That Pays”, is now paying-off. A popular feature of CardWeb, Inc.’s master Web site. CardGame was launched January 2nd. Robertmckinley, president of RAM Research Group, announced this morning from San Francisco that Dr. Stanley Fisher of New York City was selected as Januarys consumer contest winner and Ray DeYoung of Tandy Corporation in Texas was drawn as Januarys executive sweepstakes winner. Dr. Fisher will receive an interest-free-year on his personal credit cards while Mr. DeYoung will receive a complimentary subscription to Bankcard Update and Bankcard Barometer. Dr. Fisher will also become eligible for the annual consumer grand prize of a credit card balance pay-off while Mr. DeYoung will become eligible for the executive grand prize of an all-expense-paid trip to London. CardGame can be accessed through or on the World Wide Web.

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