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AmEx Travelers Cheques Over Telephone

First Service Of Its Kind in Canada, Announces American Express and Canada Trust
For the first time ever, Canadians can purchase travellers Cheques over the phone — thanks to a new service being offered by American Express and Canada Trust.

The convenience of purchasing travellers Cheques over the phone is available to all customers of Canada Trust’s EasyLine service.

“Travellers Cheques are a convenience, but waiting in line to buy them can be frustrating for people on the go. So, we partnered with Canada Trust and created a more convenient way to buy travellers cheques,” said Trudy Floyd, Director of Sales, American Express Travellers Cheque Group.

American Express has successfully launched similar services in Europe and the United States. “This is something that has already proven to be popular with consumers, many of whom are becoming increasingly comfortable with automated banking, computers, and telephone banking services,” said Floyd. In fact, surveys by Canada Trust found that more than half of their EasyLine customers would be likely to buy travellers Cheques over the phone given the option.

“Canada Trust was the first to introduce 24 hour full service telephone banking with EasyLine in 1993. Now we’re the first to provide the option of buying travellers Cheques over the phone,” said Rod Whitwham, Canada Trust Vice President, Core Banking Services. “It’s the next step in customer service, appealing to people on the go who want to benefit from 24-hour phone access and fast home or office delivery.”

EasyLine customers will be able to purchase American Express Travellers Cheques in a number of currencies, including: Canadian Dollars, US Dollars, British Pounds Sterling, German Marks, Dutch Builders, Saudi Riyals, Japanese Yen, Swiss Francs, French Francs and Australian Dollars. Orders placed before 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time will be fulfilled by American Express and delivered by courier to the customer, usually within 24 hours. There is a $10 fee for the courier service.

For more than a century, travellers worldwide have relied on the security and peace of mind of American Express Travellers Cheques. In 1994, worldwide sales of American Express Travellers Cheques totalled (US) $24.9 billion.

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