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MasterCard High-Security Hologram

In a continuing effort to increase the physical security of MasterCard cards, the association announced today it has introduced a new hologram for use on all new cards produced effective immediately. This threedimensional hologram is more difficult to replicate and, with its distinctive appearance, makes counterfeiting readily identifiable.

“We are moving forward very quickly on advanced fraud prevention technologies such as mircochips and neural networks, however there is a critical need in the industry to continue to upgrade current card security,” said Joel Lisker, MasterCard International’s senior vice president of Security and Risk Management. MasterCard pioneered the use of the hologram in 1983 to help reduce counterfeit fraud Since that time through enhanced card security features, use of new technologies such as neural networks and on-goinq fraud prevention efforts, MasterCard and its members have the 12th straight quarter.

“Enhanced physical card security is one of the best lines of defense in the worldwide fight against fraud and specifically counterfeiting,” said Michael Stenger, Special Agent in Charge, Financial Crimes Division, U.S. Secret Service. “This new hologram by MasterCard is an example of the industry taking card security to the next level.”

The features of the new hologram design, known as MC Micro Globes follow:

o Two-dimensional rings are made up of repeated “MC.”

o The three-dimensional globes consist of high resolution texture mapping of continents onto black spheres.

o The word “MasterCard” is distinguishably microprinted in the background of the hologram in two alternating colors.

o A hidden image is placed at a specific angle in the hologram during the manufacturing process.

Lisker also added that these improved features make identification of the three dimensional hologram easier for members, merchants, and law enforcement personnel.

MasterCard International Incorporated is a global payments company that provides consumer credit, debit and other payment products in partnership with 22,000 member financial institutions worldwide. MasterCard’s family of brands, MasterCard, Maestro and Cirrus, represent approximately 452 million cards in circulation, and over 13 million acceptance locations, including 252,000 MasterCard/Cirrus ATMs worldwide. MasterCard’s pioneering work in the areas of transaction processing and delivery systems continues to revolutionize the way consumers pay for goods and services. MasterCard can be reached through “Pointers,” its Worldwide Web site, at

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