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MBNA Platinum Plus MasterCard & VISA Program

MBNA America Bank, N.A., today introduced a no-fee premium credit card product aimed at individuals who qualify for higher credit lines.

The MBNA Platinum Plus Visa or MasterCard features enhanced/priority Services in all major Customer contact areas, exclusive 24-hour travel-agency services, $1 million common carrier travel accident insurance, preferred rates on MBNA deposit products, and an optional program called Plus Miles that lets Customers earn points toward free air travel.

MBNA Platinum Plus Visa and Mastercard Customers are eligible to join MBNA’s new Plus Miles program. Participants will receive one point for every $1 in net retail charges, with a 50% bonus on new purchaser each month the balance is revolved. The yearly enrollment fee for this optional program is $35, and Customers can redeem 35,000 points for a free ticket on all major airlines, good for travel anywhere in the continental United States without blackout dates.

MBNA Corporation (NYSE:KRB), a bank holding company and parent of MBNA America Bank, N.A., a national bank, has $26.7 billion in managed loans. MBNA, the country'” second largest lender through bank credit cards, also provides retail deposit, individual loan, and card acceptance services.

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