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Crown Central Petroleum (AMEX: CNP) and First Maryland Bancorp’s credit card subsidiary, First Omni Bank, announced today the public release of the new Crown MasterCard credit card. This new credit card offers the retail public added convenience and value backed by two regional corporate institutions headquartered in Maryland known for their marketing and financial strength.
First Omni Bank, N.A., will be responsible for Issuance, administration and process billing for the new card. The Crown MasterCard will offer premiums based on levels of purchase charged at any of the over 350 Crown retail locations and 13 million other merchants world-wide where MasterCard is accepted. These premiums, to be selected from Crown’s San Every Mile! Rewards Catalog, will be awarded on the basis of three miles for every dollar charged at a Crown station and one mile for every dollar charged at other MasterCard-accepting establishments. The first level at which miles can be redeemed for rewards is 750. Those signing up the card will be rewarded with 500 free bonus miles upon first purchase. There are a total of six premium levels. Each successive step offers greater valued rewards such as autographed Brooks Robinson Baseball bats, restaurant gift certificates, luggage, Crown gasoline coupons and other quality, national brand merchandise.

Other competitive advantages include no annual fee and a six-month introductory interest rate of 7.9%. A Gold Crown MasterCard offering even greater flexibility and services is also available. The current Crown credit card program will and June 30, 1996 , and be replaced by the new Crown MasterCard.

Crown Central Petroleum’s Chairman and President, Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr., commented, “For more than 75 year, Crown has been an innovator in the refining and retail gasoline marketplace with a goal of providing the customer with greater value and convenience. In cooperation with the First National Bank of Maryland, I am pleased the new Crown MasterCard carries on this proud tradition.”

Richard H. White, President and Chief Executive Officer of First Omni Bank, said, “At First Maryland and all our subsidiary companies, we are working hard to become the best banking company in our marketplace. Part of our strategy is to try new things that bring our customers extra value in our products and services. This new co-branding venture with Crown is an ideal way to do just that. We look forward to creating a successful partnership.”

Those consumers interested in more information or in acquiring a Crown MasterCard may apply at any Crown retail outlet or call toll-free, 888-GO-CROWN (888-462-7696).

Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland since 1930, Crown operates two Texas refineries with a total capacity of 152,000 barrels per day, over 350 Crown gasoline and convenience stores in the mid-Atlantic and Southeastern U.S., and 17 product terminals along the Colonial and Texas Easter pipelines.

First Maryland Bancorp traces its roots in Baltimore to 1896 and, in addition to being the parent company of First Omni Bank, N.A., is the parent of First National Bank of Maryland, York Bank and Trust Company and first National Bank of Maryland, D.C. At December 31, 1995, First Maryland had assets of $10.5 billion and more than 175 offices.

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