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KDD in collaboration with The Sumitomo Credit Service Co., Ltd. (president: Eiji Tamai, main office: Minato-ku, Tokyo), Credit Saison Co., Ltd. (president: Kazuo Toriumi, main office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo), and JCB Co., Ltd. (president: Masaaki Ikeuchi, main office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), will issue co-branded KDD cards in addition to the existing international telephone credit card dubbed “KDD Hello Card.” The new co-branded KDD cards are KDD Card VISA, KDD Card Master, KDD Card <> (VISA), KDD Card <> (Master), and KDD Card JCB. Applications for the cards will be accepted starting May 20.
With the launch of the new co-branded KDD cards, KDD will change the name of its credit card from KDD Hello Card to KDD Card.

KDD will become the first telecommunications company in Japan to issue co- branded KDD cards. The company decided to issue the cards in response to a demand from KDD Hello Card members who are frequent overseas travelers for combining the benefits of a KDD Hello Card and those of a commercial credit card into one card. The new co-branded KDD cards will provide customers with a wider variety of services and much greater convenience.

Each co-branded KDD card will bear two sets of numbers, one the commercial credit card number and the other the KDD Card number.

As a KDD Card, it allows, as in the past, customers to place international calls to and from Japan as well as international and domestic (toll) calls from the United States using the KDD card number. As a commercial credit card, it can be used for shopping in Japan and abroad or accessing a variety of services including dining and shopping discounts, overseas help desk assistance, and travelers’ accident insurance plan.

KDD has for some time accepted such commercial credit cards as VISA, MasterCard, Saison, and JCB for international calls. By using the new co- branded KDD cards, however, callers will only need to use a short, seven- digit number and their calls will also be eligible for KDD Family Talk or KDD “TALK & SAVE” PLAN discount.

In addition, co-branded KDD card users will acquire points according to the amount of use that can be exchanged for prizes according to the credit card companies’ conditions.

Co-branded KDD card holders are also entitled to discounts on telephone interpretation and translation services, seminars and language classes for overseas expatriate families, etc., offered by KDD’s group companies, KDD Teleserve, Inc. and KDD Academy, Inc.

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