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Hollywood legend Anthony Quinn and New York Knicks superstar center Patrick Ewing are the latest celebrity artists to have their creations reproduced on the Private Issue(R) credit card.

Art done by Patrick Ewing

Art done by Anthony Quinn
The identities of the two new celebrity artists were revealed tonight by Private Issue at a gala party and benefit auction at Radio City Music Hall(R). In addition, the company confirmed that the watercolor by actress Jane Seymour, one of the three original Private Issue artists, will be available on its card for one more year.
“Since the enhanced Private Issue Card was introduced last year we have planned to add excitement, freshness and diversity to it continually by introducing talented new celebrity artists,” William L. Hodges, executive vice president of NOVUS Services Inc., a business unit of Dean Witter, Discover & Co. said. “The positive response to the art cards over the past year has been overwhelming. We’re delighted with the new Private Issue artists and their creations, and we are equally pleased to make Ms. Seymour’s art card available for one more year.”

Dean Witter, Discover & Co. introduced its celebrity art credit card concept last year with paintings by Jane Seymour, musician Ringo Starr and Olympic gold medalist Florence Griffith Joyner. In addition to offering a unique selection of celebrity artwork reproduced on the face of the card, Private Issue also offers Cardmembers a choice of three interest rate and reward features.

“Cardmembers may select either a low interest rate, a five percent interest rebate or up to two percent Cashback Bonus(R) award. They can also choose a card with a look that reflects their own personalities – whether their interests tend toward film, television, sports or fine art,” Hodges said. “The feature options of the Private Issue Card and reproductions of celebrity paintings on the face of the card enable Cardmembers to make truly personal choices regarding their credit decisions.”

Quinn’s Private Issue artwork, titled “Tahitian Lady,” is a painted wood carving. Ewing’s Private Issue creation, an oil pastel, features a warm landscape of rolling green hills highlighted with red-tipped trees. The art was unveiled at tonight’s party by the artists personally, with assistance from actor Danny Glover and model Kathy Ireland, co-masters of ceremonies. Following the unveiling, the original paintings by Quinn and Ewing, along with a painting by Jane Seymour created specifically for the event were auctioned by Sotheby’s to benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation(R).

“It’s really quite wonderful,” Quinn said about having one of his works of art appear on the face of the Private Issue Card. “It’s even nicer than being in pictures because it’s a gift that somehow I’ve been involved in giving to these people. And, it’s nice to walk around with a pretty girl like this in your pocket.”

Ewing also takes pleasure in seeing his artwork recreated on a credit card that will be carried by thousands.

“I think it’s a very pretty card,” Ewing said. “It’s vibrant. I enjoy it. When word gets out, a lot of my friends and a lot of my fans are going to go out and get them. They’re going to stop wanting me to sign basketball cards and get these cards for me to sign.”

In addition to his professional basketball accomplishments, Ewing holds a B.A. in fine arts from Georgetown University.

With the introduction of art cards by Anthony Quinn and Patrick Ewing, Private Issue will retire the cards created by Starr and Griffith Joyner, making them collectibles. Hodges assured current holders of these two cards that their Private Issue Cards will remain valid until the expiration dates shown on the front of their cards. In the event a Ringo Starr or Florence Griffith Joyner card is lost or stolen, Private Issue will provide a replacement card featuring the same artist.

When Cardmembers renew, they will be offered a selection of new celebrity art or the classic black and gold Private Issue Card. Current Private Issue Cardmembers who would prefer the new designs by Patrick Ewing and Anthony Quinn may request a new card by calling Private Issue at 1-800-4-PI-CARD (1-800-474-2273).

The Private Issue Card, issued by a business unit of Dean Witter, Discover & Co., is a general purpose credit card that is accepted nationwide wherever the NOVUS sign is displayed. NOVUS Services, a business unit of Dean Witter, Discover & Co. is the operating company for the NOVUS(SM) Network and all NOVUS card brands including the Discover(R)Card, the Private Issue Card and the Bravo(R) Card. Dean Witter, Discover & Co. is a diversified financial services company providing a broad range of credit services and investment products primarily to the individual customers of its credit cards and its full-service securities firm.

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