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Before the first pitch is thrown to start Game Three of the 1996 World Series, fans of the Braves and Yankees will have already received a lasting memory of the Fall Classic . MCI will present every baseball fan that walks through the gate on Tuesday, Oct. 22 a commemorative World Series prepaid phone card good for free long distance calling.

With the card give-away MCI, Major League Baseball’s official telecommunications sponsor, once again steps up to the plate to provide fans with a unique baseball souvenir to preserve memories of the 1996 Fall Classic. More than 52,000 fans will receive the card as they enter Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. The limited edition collectible card is good for five minutes of free calling and features the official World Series logo.

This World Series prepaid long-distance phone card will be one of the hottest baseball collectibles around and is good for domestic or international calls. Fans can easily add more calling time to their free World Series prepaid cards by charging more value with a credit card on MCI’s toll-free recharge service. This commemorative prepaid calling card is just one exampe of MCI’s committment to Major League Baseball as their official telecommunications sponsor.

In addition to the limited edition World Series card, baseball fans everywhere can buy MCI PrePaid cards that feature their favorite teams’logos or collect the entire 30-team series (including the new expansion teams) by calling 1/800-840-6726. The team cards cost $20 each and have 45-units of calling time (a unit is equivalent to one minute of domestic long-distance calling time). Fans will receive a $10 discount when three or more cards are purchased, now through Oct. 31.

MCI PrePaid Cards and Calling Features

MCI PrePaid Card users can call from any phone — public or private, touch tone or rotary — in the U.S., to virtually anywhere in the world. Features available on MCI PrePaid Cards include international origination and termination , rechargeability, one-touch call reorigination, 24-hour customer service, Traveler’s AssistR information and referral service, speed dialing and complete turn key merchandising support. Each time the card is used, the number of units remaining is announced before the call is connected. Popular in Europe since the mid-1970’s and in the Far East since the early ’80’s, prepaid calling cards entered the U.S. market inthe early ’90’s. Industry insiders predict the U.S. prepaid calling card market will top $1 billion in 1996.

MCI, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing diversified communications companies. With annual revenue of more than $15 billion, MCI offers consumers and businesses a broad portfolio of integrated services including long distance, wireless, local, paging, messaging, Internet, information services, outsourcing, and advanced global communications.

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