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Real People – Real Credit Problems

The Game of Your Life Radio Talk Show host, and nationally known author, motivational speaker and money coach, Marilyn August, is breaking new ground each week as guests come forward in an endless parade of real people who each tell their own heartbreaking story of real people caught in a seemingly endless cycle of money stress, each with their “COULD/SHOULD” advice and warnings.

WTN’s THE MONEY GAME — The Game of Your Life, heard Friday Evening 7-8PM on Radio Station KYPA AM 1230, and world-wide on World Talk Network through national/international syndication tells the story behind the headlines.

August, who founded Wealth and Wisdom Seminars, has dedicated her life helping those who like herself fell from grace a world based on your checkbook balance. August says, “The months immediately after Christmas dramatize the problem. We tell human stories of people who have gone overboard spending money they don’t have. Millions of people looking for love in the department stores and in the process go broke and are broken. Every chair in my seminars is filled and the stories are more often than not, heartbreaking. Dads and Moms who emptied their accounts in order to buy into the American dream with tomorrow’s money — mortgaging their futures to buy their children’s happiness. Then there are those who have destroyed themselves and their credit as a result of years of compulsive credit card abuse.”

August, was signed by WTN, and has successfully used the program as a tool to offer new perspectives, tools and solutions to what has become an “American fiscal cancer” eating away at the very fabric of our society. The MONEY GAME/The Game of Your Life is now heard on KORG AM, Orange County, KYPA, Los Angeles and KXPA Seattle and this month world-wide on the Internet though REAL AUDIO Technology on the WORLD TALK NETWORK WEBSITE (

Marilyn August is available for personal appearances and interviews upon appointment locally in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties. Nationally by phone.

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