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American Express Blue Card for Taiwan

As reported in yesterday’s CardFlash American Express has introduced a revolving credit card in Taiwan. The new card will be the first AmEx card offered with a new blue color and design scheme. American Express says its will market the new ‘Blue’ credit card to its current 200,000 charge cardholders in Taiwan as well as the general public. Features of the card include tiered, risk-based rates ranging from 16% to 20% and a balance transfer option. Cardholders may also participate in the ‘Membership Rewards Program’. Card rates currently average 20% in Taiwan and balance transfer options are non-existent.


American Express today announced the launch of its first credit card in Taiwan. The new American Express Credit Card offers the lowest revolving interest rate currently available in the market.

The card offers the “Best Value for the Best Customers” with features as follows :

* All new Cardmembers have the opportunity to enjoy Taiwan’s lowest revolving rate of 16%

The American Express Credit Card provides “tier-pricing” of interest rates ranging from 16%–20% — Cardmembers who can keep good credit and maintain certain spending levels will consistently enjoy the lowest card interest rate at 16%.

* Balance Transfer, an innovation in Taiwan

Cardmembers can transfer their balance from other credit cards to the American Express credit card, which allows them to pay off the balance at a lower interest rate and manage their financial status more effectively.

* Mambership Rewards Program

Points accumulated from Membership Rewards Program will be exchanged with more than eighty gift-items.

Mr. Jeffrey R. Williams, Vice President & General Manager of American Express International, Inc, – Taiwan said,”In responding to our customer’s needs, the new credit card is designed to provide Taiwan consumers, who have good credit and are responsible for their own financial management, with the best and most convenient product on a daily-use basis.”

“Based on the concept of providing the best value for the best customers, American Express Credit Card offers the lowest revolving interest rate at 16%, balance transfer, tier-pricing, and Membership Rewards,” Mr. williams said.

“We are also proud that Taiwan has been chosen as the first market in the world to be offered with new blue color and design scheme,” Susan Chen, Director, Marketing & Sales Consumer Card Group of American Express International, Inc. – Taiwan. “The new credit card is targeted at current and prospective American Express Cardmembers and consumers who need the flexibility of extension of payment, while receiving the lowest revolving interest rates.”

“All American Express Credit Cardmembers can enjoy points accumulated from the Membership Rewawrds Program. Cardmembers may also join the “Passages Mileage Program’ which features 12 airlines’ flight and mileage incentives. Applications filed before 30th of june shall also enjoy a free annual fee for the first year,” said Ms. Chen.

Mr. Williams added, “American Express has always maintained highest quality of services with 1,700 Travel Service Offices in 130 countries. A 24-hour international call service is available for assistance and free counseling in leagal, medical and visa capacities. Given all these fine services, we are convinced that the blue card will not only strengthen the American Express card family, including the charge and corporate card, it will also satisfy consumers’ needs for financial management. The American Express Credit Card shall provide the best quality of wervice to a wider range of the general public.”

The American Express Company, a diversified travel and financial services corporation, founded in 1850, is a world leader in charge and credit cards. Travelers Cheques, travel, financial planning, investment products, insurance and international banking.

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