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AutoConnect to Sell Equifax Credit Reports

The Dealer Services Group of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) has introduced a new Internet service to enable consumers to check their personal credit files through ADP’s comprehensive automotive Web site — ADP AutoConnect(TM) ( A result of a strategic partnership with Equifax Inc., one of the top three U.S. credit information companies, ADP AutoConnect users are now able to order a copy of their credit file online and in real- time over the Internet.

“Now car shoppers can order their personal credit files online before going into a dealership to negotiate a purchase,” said William Krohn, vice president of product marketing, ADP Dealer Services. “As new studies indicate that 73 percent of Web users have searched online for information about a specific product or service, ADP AutoConnect’s credit checking service is another example of how the Internet can help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.”

ADP AutoConnect’s credit checking service enables its users to avoid surprises and be better informed shoppers. Consumers researching a car-buying decision on ADP AutoConnect are able to electronically request the same credit information that financial institutions typically use in determining whether to grant financing to a consumer. For no more than $8, consumers can electronically order a copy of their own credit history and review it before initiating a major purchase. While the credit file is now sent to recipients within 24-hours via postal mail, ADP anticipates that soon consumers will be able to receive their credit reports from equifax via electronic mail.

“Our strategic relationship with ADP enables us to reach a market of potential car buyers that should be interested in reviewing their credit history before trying to negotiate a deal to purchase a vehicle,” said Lee Lovvorn, vice president of new markets for Equifax. “One of our goals is to be more accessible and the Web and ADP AutoConnect are a great channel for doing that.”

Using 128-bit encryption, multi-level firewalls and secure HTTS server and browser technology, Equifax is able to provide consumers the most sophisticated processes available to help secure the integrity of personal information transfer on the Internet.

ADP AutoConnect is a comprehensive automotive Internet resource created by ADP Dealer Services. ADP AutoConnect’s unique Tool Kit makes searching for auto and truck information easy and fun:

— ADP DealerFinder: By entering a state or zip/postal code, users can quickly locate the nearest auto dealership.

— ADP VehicleLocator: Matches a search request with a used vehicle on a dealer’s lot.

— ADP AutoFinder: Matches the search results of a detailed specification for a new or used vehicles with a list of current model year vehicles.

— ADP AutoCompare: After narrowing down an auto search to three prime choices, this tool details side-by-side comparisons of each vehicle.

— ADP CreditCheck: Enables a consumer to check personal credit information before a purchase.

— ADP PaymentCalculator: Estimates monthly payments and shows comparisons to lease rates.

— ADP AutoFinance: Enables Internet users to apply for, and receive a decision on, automotive financing within minutes.

— ADP ServiceScheduler: Allows users to schedule a service appointment with the closest ADP AutoConnect dealership.

ADP Dealer Services Group provides turnkey systems to more than 18,000 auto and truck dealers throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America. ADP Dealer Services Group is the third largest business unit of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP). With more than $3.5 billion in annual revenues and more than 375,000 clients, ADP is one of the largest computing services firms in the world. ADP AutoConnect directly links together the Web pages of nearly 4,000 auto dealers, more than 800 links to auto manufacturers, auto clubs/associations, and parts and service sites. ADP AutoConnect can be found at .

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