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The long-anticipated AT&T Universal Business MasterCard finally made its debut yesterday. The new no-annual-fee card, specially designed for small business, offers credit lines up to $10,000 on Classic cards and up to $25,000 on Gold MasterCards. As with AT&Ts consumer cards the new business program offers a discounted calling card option. AT&T is offering the cards via its web site and offers card members real-time account information. Other benefits include Purchase Assurance, MasterRental car insurance, Internet Universal Assurance and MasterCoverage Liability Protection Program for owners protection against employee misuse. Additional employee cards are available for an additional annual fee of $5.


AT&T Monday introduced a new MasterCard(R) credit card, with no annual fee, specially designed for small businesses.

The AT&T Universal Business Card combines convenient terms and features in one product. In addition to AT&T Universal Card Services’ award-winning customer service, small businesses can get a credit, calling and cash card in one, with calling card discounts and detailed reports to help them control and track expenses.

“We are delivering a new option for small business owners-an account free of annual fees, with world-class service 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Richard Srednicki, president and CEO–AT&T Universal Card Services. “It includes the unsurpassed, worldwide acceptance of MasterCard and a strong package of features to help make their business lives simpler.”

Customers have the flexibility to pay off their AT&T Universal MasterCard BusinessCard card account each month, or to carry a balance.

The calling card feature of the AT&T Universal Business Card gives an automatic 10 percent discount off AT&T Small Business Advantage(R) calling card rates, without monthly minimum calling requirements.

The card also includes: –AT&T Universal Assurance on the Internet, to safeguard on-line purchases against fraud. –Real-time cardmember account information, such as transactions made since the most recent billing statement, is available every day on AT&T Universal Card’s Internet home page through its secure AT&T Business Account Online Center. –To help small business owners track and control business-related costs, each account includes a monthly statement detailing each employees’ charges and an annual activity report. The reports give useful information about where and how the business is spending money through its account. –At no extra cost, the card offers Purchase Assurance(R) which protects new purchases against damage or theft, and MasterRental(R) Insurance, which provides primary collision damage insurance for car rentals. –Additional employee cards–available at a low annual fee of $5 each-come with credit limits set by the business owner for further control. The offer also includes the MasterCoverage(R) Liability Protection Program for owners’ protection against employee misuse.

“We are pleased that AT&T has worked with us to develop a strong product for the small business market, adding to our suite of corporate payment solutions” said Alan Heuer, MasterCard U.S. Region President. “With a single card, customers can make purchases at more than 13 million MasterCard locations worldwide, make calling card calls at hundreds of millions of phones around the world and get cash at more than 450,000 ATMs and financial institutions.”

The card offers variable annual percentage rates currently starting at 13.9 percent. Credit lines are up to $10,000 for Classic accounts, and range from $10,000 to $25,000 for Gold Executive BusinessCard accounts.

Customers interested in applying for the AT&T Universal Business Card can call 1-800-68-APPLY or apply at AT&T Universal Card’s home page at

In 1996, AT&T Universal Card Services won the J.D. Power and Associates Award for highest customer satisfaction for general feature basic and gold cards.

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