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AmEx Opens ExpressNet to Internet

As of yesterday, American Express cardmembers registered with ExpressNet can now view card account information and access a number of other services via the Internet. AmEx has offered online account information through America Online since early 1995 and now, using SSL encryption, has expanded access via the World Wide Web. Individual and small business cardholders can access, via ExpressNet, current and past (up to four months for charge cards; up to twelve months for credit cards) statements, real-time-unbilled charges and Membership Rewards point status. AmEx also introduced a new service option yesterday enabling cardholders to submit online inquiries regarding billed items. Other online services include real-time travel booking, on-line trading and other investment/travel-related services.


American Express (NYSE: AXP), today announced that Cardmembers now can have access to their American Express(R) Card account and Membership Rewards(SM) account information on the World Wide Web. Cardmembers registered with ExpressNet(SM) can now easily and conveniently view their current billing statement, previous statements and even unbilled charges. In addition, Cardmembers can view their Membership Rewards point status and take advantage of new online customer service options including submitting inquiries regarding billed items.

“We’re delighted to be able to meet one of our customers’ primary needs by providing them with another convenient way to access and manage their Card account information online,” said David Bauman, Senior Vice President of Interactive Services at American Express. “We have provided ExpressNet on America Online(R) since early 1995. By bringing ExpressNet to the Internet, we provide our customers with another channel to access innovative financial and travel services online, including real-time travel booking, powerful investment research and analysis tools, online trading, and now Card account management.”

The new ExpressNet service displays the user’s online-billing information in an easy-to-read format, similar to users’ monthly statements. Charge Cardmembers can check billing statements up to four months old; Optima Cardmembers can check statements up to 12 months old. Users also can view charges that have not yet been billed, allowing for real-time account management. Should users have questions about a particular billed item, they can now submit their inquiries online for investigation.

Registered ExpressNet users enrolled in the Membership Rewards Program also can check the number of points they’ve earned in the program. Membership Rewards points are updated online monthly.

All applications and access to personal account information are encrypted by SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) technology and security is enhanced through a registration and password process. To help ensure security, customers must use an SSL-capable browser, such as Netscape 2.0 or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 3.O.

Cardmembers who want to view their account information on the World Wide Web simply need to go to the American Express Web site and register their American Express Card accounts with ExpressNet. There is no charge for registration. Cardmembers who have already registered with ExpressNet on America Online are automatically registered for ExpressNet on the World Wide Web. The service is available for most American Express Consumer and Small Business Cardmembers.

In addition to providing access to Card account information online, ExpressNet offers users a broad array of travel and financial services. For example, users can apply for American Express Cards, enroll in rewards programs, book travel reservations and tickets, and take advantage of special travel and entertainment offers. At American Express Financial Services, users will find offerings such as Financial Direct, which provides investors with easy-to-use financial planning tools; InvestDirect, an online brokerage service; and American Express Financial Advisors, which offers information on the company’s financial advisors, products and services. ExpressNet also offers specialized information and resources for small businesses through the Small Business Exchange and for college and university students through American Express University.

American Express Company ( or AOL keyword: American Express) is a diversified worldwide travel, financial services and network services provider founded in 1850. It is a leader in charge and credit cards, stored value products, travel, financial planning, investment products, insurance and international banking.

American Express Financial Direct makes investments available through American Express Service Corporation. American Express Financial Advisors makes investments available through American Express Financial Advisors Inc.

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