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Bank of Montreal teamed up Tuesday with telecommunications company MT&T to unveil a new, no-fee MasterCard for Nova Scotia offering points towards long distance service. Cardholders accumulate MT&T Rewards Points through purchases as well as making long distance calls from their home number or using the calling card feature. MT&T says the average cardholder should accumulate enough points for one free month of long distance service per year.


Bank of Montreal and MT&T today launched Nova Scotia’s first combined credit card and telephone calling card. MT&T now joins Bell Canada, BCTel, TELUS, and NBTel as the first telecommunications companies in Canada to offer a no-fee MasterCard card that allows customers to earn points toward free long distance calls every time they use the card to make purchases or call long distance.

“We believe that our partnership with MT&T in offering Bank of Montreal’s MT&T MasterCard fits in with our strategy of providing best value products and services to our customers,” said Carol Snider, Senior Vice President, Atlantic Provinces Division, Bank of Montreal.

“This is another way that we’re providing value, convenience, and rewards to our customers that goes beyond low long distance rates,” said Murray Souter, MT&T’s Vice President of Consumer Services. “We’re delighted to work with Bank of Montreal to offer consumers a card with all the features of a credit card and a calling card that gives them the opportunity to earn free long distance on all of their purchases.”

Customers earn MT&T Rewards Points (redeemable for a free long distance credit on their phone bills) in two ways:

– by using their MT&T MasterCard card when purchasing goods and services; and

– by making long distance calls either from their home number or by using their MT&T MasterCard card as a calling card.

Through accumulating points for MT&T MasterCard purchases and long distance calling, customers can earn, on average, one month’s worth of free long-distance after one year. Points earned for using the MT&T MasterCard are also combined with any existing MT&T Rewards Points that customers may have accumulated.

This no-fee Bank of Montreal MasterCard is accepted at more than 13 million locations worldwide. It can be used at banking machines around the globe, and customers can order more than one card at a time at no charge. Both the credit card number and the calling card number (without the personal identification number) appear on the card.

Applications for the MT&T MasterCard will be available the week of May 12th from Bank of Montreal branches and Authorized MT&T Distributors throughout the province.

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