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First Chicago NBD and Atlanta-based Premiere Technologies launched a new proprietary phone card that ties together communications services with banking, credit card and investment services. The new OnCall card provides cardholders with local/long distance service, fax mail, e-mail and conference calling for 25 cents per minute. The card also provides free access to First Chicagos Bank-By-Phone or NBDs TBC Plus service, First Cards VISA and MasterCard customer service and the bank’s investment services.


First Chicago NBD Corporation (NYSE: FCN) today announced the launch of its proprietary OnCall communications card, which provides customers easy access to discounted long-distance and conference calling; electronic, fax and voice mail, and banking, credit card and investment services.

“The integration of these financial and telecommunications services makes the OnCall card a winner for customers,” said Senior Vice President James Grant, head of electronic and remote banking for First Chicago NBD. “The OnCall card is the first of many ways we will give customers an integrated telephone banking solution.”

Customers access the wide range of services by dialing a toll free number and entering the Personal Identification Number (PIN) that they have selected. Payment is also convenient, as usage fees are charged monthly to a customer’s designated credit card or debit card account.

“The OnCall Card provides First Chicago NBD customers with a suite of personal communications services that includes customized enhancements,” said Gregg Smith, Executive Vice President of Premiere Communications Inc., which provides the card. “Access to telephone banking services, investment services and First Card credit card services help to strengthen the relationship between First Chicago NBD and its customers.”

The OnCall card integrates the following features that are usually available separately:

— Local and national telephone calls. Customers can place calls from anywhere in the U.S. to anywhere in the U.S. for 25 cents per minute.

— Voice mail. Customers can customize their mailbox greetings and receive, retrieve, save and delete voice mail messages from any telephone.

— Fax mail. Customers can receive documents anywhere there is a fax machine. The sender dials the OnCall access number, enters the receiver’s account number, and then is prompted to fax the document. The receiver is notified of the fax the next time that he or she calls the OnCall access number.

— Electronic mail. Customers of CompuServe can receive and respond to e-mail messages. Later this year, support will be provided for other e-mail providers.

— Information services. Customers can access news, weather and sports information.

— Conference calling. Customers can initiate conference calls involving up to three additional parties.

All these services are available at a flat rate of 25 cents per minute. In addition, local and long-distance telephone calls incur a 25-cent connection fee, which is less than that charged by most long distance calling cards.

The following OnCall services are available free to customers with the touch of a single button:

— Automated Banking. Customers may be connected to The First National Bank of Chicago’s Bank- By- Phone or NBD Bank’s TBC Plus services. Both automated telephone banking services allow customers to track balances, deposits, checks and other withdrawals as well as make payments and transfers between accounts.

— Credit Card Service. Customers may be connected to the automated telephone customer service of First Card, the Corporation’s credit card subsidiary that uses the First Card brand name for Visa and MasterCard accounts as well as United Mileage Plus and Marriott Honored Guest accounts.

— Investment Services. Customers may be connected to representatives of First Chicago NBD Investment Services Inc., the Corporation’s broker/dealer subsidiary that handles non-FDIC-insured investments.

Premiere Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: PTEK), an Atlanta-based pioneer in integrating information and telecommunications services, will handle customer service calls 24 hours a day at 800-451-3427.

First Chicago NBD Corporation, the nation’s 9th largest bank holding company, has assets of $109.1 billion. The Corporation is the Midwest’s number one provider of financial services to consumers, middle market companies and large corporations. Its Internet address is

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