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Wells Fargo on WebTV

Wells Fargo’s Internet banking service is now available to more Internet users than ever before.

Subscribers of the WebTV Network service may access Wells Fargo’s online banking service using the software upgrades announced today by WebTV Networks Inc. In addition, Wells Fargo’s Internet banking service over America Online (AOL) has been expanded to now reach customers using Windows 3.1. Previously, only customers using Windows 95 had access to it.

“Our goal is to give our customers the flexibility to bank with us using any Internet access device and service they find convenient,” said Dudley Nigg, executive vice president of Online Financial Services at Wells Fargo. “The recent upgrades to the WebTV Network and AOL will help us do just that.”

WebTV Networks Inc. today announced that it will provide subscribers a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security software upgrade that will permit WebTV Network users to bank at home and pay bills securely on the Internet with Wells Fargo. The WebTV Network provides customers access to the Internet using a WebTV Internet terminal, a telephone line and a television.

The integrity of customers’ accounts is a top priority for Wells Fargo and the bank has implemented many security features to help ensure that customers’ accounts remain private and secure. Among other safeguards, Wells Fargo requires its Internet banking customers to use secure browsers which are only approved after rigorous testing.

In addition to the expanded Internet access available through the WebTV Network service and AOL, Wells Fargo has also developed a new service for companies who wish to provide online banking services to their employees through their Intranets. It is called [email protected] and it provides employees of enrolled companies with safe and secure access to online banking and bill-pay via their company’s Intranet.

Customers using Wells Fargo’s Internet banking service can have free access to a wide range of banking services, which include viewing their account balances and history, transferring funds between accounts, and applying online for various accounts. Unique features include the ability for customers to purchase travelers’ checks and foreign currency, and download account information into their personal financial management software. An optional service called Bill Pay allows customers to pay anyone to whom they could send a traditional check. It is priced at $5 per month.

SmartMoney magazine named Wells Fargo “Best Online Bank” in 1996. In 1996, the Wells Fargo Internet site was also awarded “Best Overall Site by a U.S. Financial Institution” by the Online Banking Association. Yahoo!, the Web site locator, gave the bank’s home page a four-star rating (its highest).

Customers interested in signing up for Internet banking and Bill Pay service can enroll online at or call 800/956-4442.

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