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New MCI Business Card

Old habits die hard, especially if it’s a familiar routine tattooed on your brain. For business people making calls away from their offices, the habitual routine of punching in a long distance calling card number at a payphone or hotel room phone has become second nature. Unfortunately for their employers, it has become an expensive habit that is hard to break. However, MCI has developed a simple, cost-effective solution to the problem — the networkMCI One Card(SM) with calling card number portability.

MCI provides the corporate market a simple method to transition card traffic to a single carrier without inconveniencing cardholders by changing the card numbers they have memorized. Businesses can convert their calling card traffic to MCI easily without changing individual card numbers and personal identification numbers (PINs) on existing cards. All changes are free of charge regardless of the carrier used.

“Our research indicates that the biggest reason companies don’t change calling cards is because users don’t want to learn new card numbers,” said MCI’s Steve Young, vice president, business product marketing. “Many companies would rather pay higher rates than put users through the headaches that were associated with calling card number changes. Now, with card number portability, users won’t have to change their behavior to increase personal productivity and help save their company money.”

The networkMCI One Card delivers lower flat-rate pricing on domestic calls, customer selectable card numbers (either 7, 8, 9 or 10-digits with a 4-digit PIN), and a range of messaging services. MCI has also added many free information services including news, sports and weather updates, plus stock quotes, all at no charge within the U.S. In addition, businesses can significantly increase bottom line savings by combining their calling card traffic with any of MCI’s telecommunications services.

Features and functions

The networkMCI One Card combines advanced technology with valuable features to set the industry standard for ease of use and convenience. Advanced features include conferencing calling, paging and speed dialing — all without having to hang up and redial separate numbers.

With MCI Messenger service cardholders can record a voice message and have it delivered instantly or up to 30 days in the future to as many as 20 different domestic phone numbers. MCI’s News Flash feature offers timely news headlines, sports reports, weather updates, stock quotes and lottery results.

In addition to standard features such as instructional voice prompts, one-key call re-origination for multiple calls, and mis-dial correction without hanging up, the networkMCI One Card can be customized for corporate-wide feature packages and calling restrictions. The only change required of cardholders who have memorized a card number will be use of a new toll-free access number. And, MCI has made that simple too, 1-800-999-9000.

MCI provides powerful management tools to track and review usage, reporting and invoicing. In addition, network-based software can be used to control the database of cards in circulation, set customized range privileges and activate/deactivate cards instantly. MCI also provides around-the-clock fraud control and monitoring procedures for added cardholder security. Blocking stolen cards can be instituted either by MCI or the customer.

Global business travelers will appreciate MCI’s WorldPhone toll-free access which permits hassle-free calling from more than 130 nations to the U.S. and third country calling from some 70 countries. networkMCI One Card calls from any phone in the U.S. can terminate in more than 250 counties and international locations.

For more information about networkMCI One Card contact a MCI corporate sales representative or local branch office.

In addition to worldwide calling card services, MCI offers businesses a full suite of integrated voice, data, Internet, wireless and local service, plus some 20 other communications services consolidated on a single invoice via networkMCI One. Under networkMCI One, businesses can reap larger volume discounts by combining calling card usage with their other communications expenses.

MCI, headquartered in Washington, D.C., provides a full range of integrated communication services to more than 20 million customers. Credited with opening up the U.S. long distance market for competition, MCI is now leading the charge to bring competition to the $100 billion local market, offering American consumers for the first time the freedom to choose their local carrier. With 1996 revenue of $18.5 billion, MCI is one of the largest and fastest growing telecommunication companies in the world. On November 3, 1996, MCI announced a definitive agreement to merge with BT to form Concert, the world’s first global communications company.

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