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E-Commerce Jitters

Americans are not convinced that security systems for e-commerce are more secure than just revealing your credit card number over the Internet. A new survey by San Jose-based World Research Inc. shows 70% of the 930 survey participants fear “Internet Pirates” despite the level of security employed. The survey showed that if consumers were comfortable with e-commerce they would most likely use the Internet for software purchases, airline tickets and music/video purchases, in that order. The study showed consumers do not like to buy things in cyberspace that they cannot touch and feel. About 16% of the respondents said they have spent over $500 using e-commerce.

Internet users feel security systems for e-commerce are not any more secure than giving your credit card number over the internet, according to an on-line survey recently conducted by World Research, Inc.

Of the over 930 respondents, 70 percent said they feel the current level of security provided by specially designed internet security systems are no more secure than simply giving your credit card number.

What is keeping current users from embracing e-commerce? “The fear of being robbed by hackers or internet pirates” was the reason given most by respondents.

When users were asked if concerns about security and other issues were satisfactorily resolved what they would be willing to purchase via the internet, most respondents chose computer software. The second most popular item was airline tickets, and third was music and video entertainment.

Gregory Harmon, Director of Research for World Research said, “Once internet users perceive that security issues have been resolved, e-commerce should begin to explode for all the companies that are offering products or services that users are interested in purchasing.”

Other factors users gave for not making transactions over the net were lack of products offered, and not being able to see and touch the products.

The respondents were also asked how much money they have spent using e-commerce. Thirty-three percent answered 51 to 500 dollars, 31 percent said they have spent no money at all, while 19 percent said one to 50 dollars, followed by 16 percent saying they have spent over 500 dollars.

World Research specializes in high tech market research for innovative companies including Netscape, JavaSoft, EarthLink Network, Broderbund, CMP Publications, and many others. World Research, using their website “,” conducts on-line surveys about a variety of topics. The results to an surveys can be accessed at any time.

Comprehensive results to the Internet Transaction Survey can be found at

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