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Juiced-Up Cards

With nearly 25 million credit challenged American consumers the sub-prime credit card market is becoming crowded as more issuers jump in offering unsecured credit lines in exchange for exorbitant fees. The September issue of CardTrak, released Friday, reviews several, major sub-prime VISA programs offering $250 unsecured credit lines for first year fees ranging from $150 to $278. One program, widely advertised on the Internet, promotes itself as no-annual-fee program while charging a $5 monthly participation fee. CardTrak cited Amalgamateds secured Gold MasterCard program as one of the best for credit impaired consumers, while dubbing the WorldNet Card as a real sucker VISA. The WorldNet VISA, issued through Guatemala City-based Multicredit and marketed to U.S. residents via the Internet, offers a secured Black VISA card for an application fee of $3,000 and a $500 annual fee.

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