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Platinum Calling Card

First USA takes platinum VISA and MasterCard’s to a new level with the introduction of ‘First USA Platinum Connect Card’ which combines a calling card with a credit card. The new product offers calling card rates about 60% lower than major carriers and includes a 10% cash back reward for each call made.

First USA, a Bank ONE company, today announced the introduction of the First USA Platinum Connect card, which offers consumers the opportunity to combine long distance calling and credit card features.

The First USA Platinum Connect Card offers up to 61% savings over AT&T and MCI calling card calls and includes 10% cash back rewards on every long distance call made. Rewards will be credited quarterly. Cardmembers also receive advanced calling card features such as voice mail, fax mail, programmable speed dialing and conference calling. The First USA Platinum Connect Plus card offers consumers broader access to merchant benefits.

First USA (, a BANK ONE company, is a financial services company specializing in the credit card business and is among the largest providers of Visa, MasterCard and private label credit cards in the nation. FirstUSA has approximately 37.7 million credit cards issued and $36.2 billion in total loans outstanding.

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