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Don't Annoy Me

A New Jersey telemarketer announced this morning the launch of a new telemarketing prevention service. ‘Don’t Annoy Me, Inc.’ will add and maintain a consumer’s name on the notification list of thousands of telemarketers for an initial membership fee of $19.95 and $9.95 for each annual renewal. DAM says it can also provide customers with documentation for legal recourse if a telemarketing abuse occurs.

It took a telemarketer to come up with an effective telemarketing prevention service. Founded by industry executive Stephen Urbish, Don’t Annoy Me, Inc. ($19.95/one-year membership, 1-800-846-4715, protects its members’ privacy by significantly reducing telemarketing calls to their homes.

“Consumers are fed up with the intrusion and high-pressure sales tactics used by telemarketers,” said Urbish, who knows all too well from his ten years in the industry. “DAM significantly decreases calls to their home by getting their phone numbers removed from telemarketers’ lists.”

Don’t Annoy Me has developed a list of thousands of telemarketing companies and the concerns they represent and notifies these companies to refrain from calling member phone numbers for a period of ten years, which they are required to do by law. DAM maintains notification records so that the member has documentation for legal recourse should an abuse occur.

“Our list of telemarketers will grow as our membership increases,” said Urbish. “Members get a sense of empowerment by helping to identify new telemarketing companies to be added to the `notification’ list.”

In recent years the Federal Government and many state governments have taken steps to regulate the industry and offer consumers protection from telemarketing abuse. However, most consumers don’t know about these laws or how to protect their rights.

Telemarketing companies are required by law to maintain and respect a Do Not Call List of consumers who’ve requested that their phone numbers be removed from solicitors’ lists. They must keep these lists for ten years. Violation of this law can result in civil damages of up to $10,000.

Membership in Don’t Annoy Me includes notification to DAM’s current list of telemarketing companies as well as notification to all companies added to the list for a one-year period. The initial membership fee is $19.95; annual renewal is $9.95. Consumers can subscribe to the service by calling 1-800-846-4715 or by visiting the DAM web site at

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