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SpeedPass Becomes SpeedPay in NJ

Mobil Corp’s new push into fast-pay-at-the-pump technology has hit a roadblock in New Jersey. New Jersey is not a self-serve state, so customers at more than 400 Mobil gas stations in the state are not able to participate in Mobil’s new ‘SpeedPass’ program. As an alternative Mobil has created a ‘SpeedPay’ system that uses hand-held activated terminals for credit card transactions. The terminals are attached to an attendant’s belt so the customer can remain in the car, and since no signature is required, customers have the option of waiting for the receipt or not. ‘SpeedPass’ is a key tag with a imbedded transponder enabling customers to conduct a totally electronic payment transaction at the pump.. Mobil introduced SpeedPass slightly more than one year ago and has systems on-line in major metropolitan areas such as South Florida, Washington DC, Chicago and St. Louis.

Mobil Corp. announced Monday it will introduce Mobil SpeedPay to New Jersey, providing the fastest way yet to purchase gasoline in the state.

Since New Jersey is not a self-serve state, Mobil has worked to develop a process that will increase the speed of payment while customers remain seated in their car. Mobil’s exclusive SpeedPay technology uses Hand-held Activated Terminals for on-line credit card transactions.

SpeedPay consists of a belt worn by an attendant and works similar to the “pay-at-the-pump” system used by customers at self-serve stations. Customers simply hand a credit, debit, ATM or Mobil GO card to the attendant, who swipes the card along the terminal.

The transaction is processed instantly at the island in full view of the customer. No signature is required when using SpeedPay, and customers can choose whether or not to wait for a receipt, saving additional time.

“Our research has told us that customers are looking for the fastest and easiest way to fill up,” said Jim Melvin, manager of Mobil’s marketing and distribution operations in New Jersey. “We answered this need a decade ago by pioneering pay-at-the-pump technology that allows customers to use credit cards right at the pump. Since New Jersey is not a self-serve state, Mobil has now developed the SpeedPay system in response to our customers’ number one concern — speed of purchase.”

“New Jersey Mobil dealers,” continued Melvin, “are the first gasoline retailers in the market to have SpeedPay. The speed of card transactions will get our New Jersey customers on their way in record time. From start to finish, customers can complete their credit transactions in about 30 seconds.”

More than 50 percent of Mobil stations in New Jersey have signed up for SpeedPay, and the number is increasing daily. SpeedPay was originally developed in 1995 and has been vigorously test marketed since 1996.

SpeedPay technology works by transmitting the customer’s card information via wireless modem and satellite to a central Mobil Oil Credit Corp. computer, where the sale is processed.

A receipt, if desired, is then dispensed from the printer suspended from the belt worn by the attendant. All credit and debit card information is encrypted before transmission, which ensures that the credit information is kept confidential.

Mobil has more than 400 company-, dealer- and distributor-owned stations in New Jersey, and is the number one retailer in the state. The company markets gasoline in 28 states and the District of Columbia through more than 7,700 branded service stations.

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