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SpeedPass Upshifts

The ‘Mobil SpeedPass’ program will expand to New York and Baltimore this morning. Mobil also announced today it will introduce the next generation of ‘SpeedPass’ technology for some of its current markets. Announced one year, ‘Mobil SpeedPass’ was introduced as contactless payment system using a key tag transponder attached to the driver’s key chain. Begining today drivers in New England and Washington, DC will also be offered a car tag transponder which attached to the rear winshield which immediately activates the pump. To enroll in ‘SpeedPass’ consumers simply designate a credit card for payment and complete an enrollment form via a toll-free 800#, Mobil’s Web Site or from take-ones at particpating service stations. Mobil does not charge a usage fee.

Mobil Corporation today unveiled the new Mobil(R) Speedpass(TM) car tag, the next generation of Mobil’s state-of-the art Speedpass technology.

The car tag joins the company’s popular Speedpass key tag in providing customers with the fastest way to purchase gasoline. This spring, New Hampshire and eastern Massachusetts were among the first areas to offer the Speedpass program. The strong positive response of New England drivers to the Speedpass key tag prompted Mobil to offer a selection of high-tech devices that enable customers to fill up and drive away without ever opening their wallets or purses for cash or credit cards.

The compact Speedpass car tag transponder adheres to a vehicle’s rear windshield and immediately activates the pump when a driver enrolled in the program stops at a pump equipped with Speedpass technology. Customers can immediately fill-up and drive away without ever opening their wallets or purses for a credit card or cash. Like the popular Speedpass key tag system, customers value the increased speed and simplicity of the new car tags. Initially, Mobil will offer the car tag and key tag transponders free to consumers and does not charge a usage fee.

“The overwhelming response of motorists when we introduced the key tag in May tells us that our customers are looking for the fastest and easiest way to fill-up,” states Keith DeSena, New England Mobil Fuels Manager. “With the key tag, customers simply wave the key tag at the pump and within seconds begin filling up. The Speedpass car tag continues Mobil’s effort to provide the fastest and easiest way to purchase gas. All you have to do is stop at a Speedpass pump, fill-up and go.”

How It Works

Similar to state-of-the-art electronic payment technology used to reduce waiting time at highway tollbooths, Speedpass is a proprietary technology that employs radio frequency signals. The electronic system located in the pump “talks” (communicates) with miniature transponder devices located in the car tag or key tag. Together, these electronic devices provide quick, simple access to gasoline by automatically charging fuel purchases to a credit card.

Drivers must enroll to acquire a Speedpass, which is a supplementary credit device assigned to a customer’s designated credit card. There are several ways to enroll:

1. by phoning 800/459-2266;

2. through the Mobil Speedpass internet web site at;

3. by completing an enrollment form available at any participating Mobil service station.

Customers can designate any of the wide range of credit cards that Mobil accepts when they fill out a Speedpass enrollment.

Speedpass tags contain miniature transponders, small radio-like devices that are preprogrammed with a unique secure ID number. When a customer uses a Speedpass tag at a station equipped with Speedpass technology, the gasoline pump sends out a radio signal which powers the tag allowing it to send back its unique ID code. Immediately, the Speedpass system recognizes the individual customer and activates the pump. The customer is then free to select the grade of gasoline and fill-up.

Simultaneously, the Speedpass system contacts Mobil’s centralized credit department to verify the customer’s information, and, in turn, charges the customer’s designated credit card. The customer’s credit card number remains outside the Speedpass signal system, maintaining the confidentiality of that information.

The technology for Mobil Speedpass centers around the use of radio frequency signals and was developed for Mobil in cooperation with Texas Instruments TIRIS(TM) and the Wayne division of Dresser Industries, a manufacturer of fuel pumps used by Mobil stations. Other fuel pump manufacturers are working to integrate Speedpass into their pump systems.

Mobil has been the first in the industry to develop customer-oriented electronic payment systems, including bank debit cards, pump-located Customer Activated Terminals (pay-at-the-pump) and the Mobil Go Card, a pre-paid card. Mobil is a leading oil, natural gas and petrochemical company. In the U.S., the corporation markets gasoline in 28 states and the District of Columbia.

TIRIS (Texas Instruments Registration and Identification System) advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) technology controls, detects and tracks valuable objects and people. TIRIS offers a range of both high and low RFID systems that are keys to reliable, accurate data collection for empowered information processing.

The Wayne Division of Dresser Industries, Inc., is a world-leading manufacturer of integrated retail fueling systems. The Division employs 2,535 people worldwide and 1,189 in the United States. Wayne has been a part of Dresser Industries since 1968.

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