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Platinum AAdvantage

The nation’s largest co-branded airline bank credit card has gone platinum. Citibank and American Airlines rolled out the new ‘Citibank Platinum Select AAdvantage’ yesterday. The upgraded program offers unlimited air mileage earned on purchases, double air mileage on American Airlines ticket purchases, $500,000 travel accident insurance and a dedicated customer service number. Citibank is charging $125 for the platinum version and will continue to assess interest at its core pricing structure of prime +9.4%. A mail-drop to current cardholders began Monday. There are 30 million AAdvantage members with nearly two million participating in the Citibank program.

Citibank and American Airlines announced Tuesday a new addition to the Citibank AAdvantage brand of credit cards — the Citibank Platinum Select AAdvantage card. The new platinum card features the premium benefits, services and credit limits that appeal to the frequent traveler.

Among the most important features of the new Citibank Platinum Select AAdvantage card are unlimited miles that can be earned by making purchases with the card, and double the miles on ticket prices when using the Citibank Platinum Select AAdvantage card to purchase tickets on American Airlines or American Eagle. Additional features include $500,000 travel accident insurance, and a new Customer Service number dedicated to Citibank Platinum Select AAdvantage cardmembers.

“Citibank and American Airlines teamed up over ten years ago to introduce what quickly became the most popular frequent flier credit card program in the industry,” said Kevin Kessinger, General Manager of the Citibank AAdvantage program. “Since that introduction, constant innovation and responsiveness to the marketplace have ensured our leadership position, and cardmembers who are among the most loyal in the industry. The introduction of the Citibank Platinum Select AAdvantage card, with its enhanced benefits and services, is just another demonstration of our commitment to servicing these cardmembers’ needs.”

Existing Silver and Gold Citibank AAdvantage cardmembers will receive an offer to upgrade their accounts to the new Citibank Platinum Select AAdvantage card through a mailing which began December 1. Anyone who is not a cardmember, but is interested in the Citibank Platinum Select AAdvantage card, can call 1-800-FLY-4444 to apply. New cardmembers receive 5,000 bonus AAdvantage miles.*

“The Citibank Platinum Select AAdvantage card provides our customers with features that are especially meaningful to them,” added Bruce Chemel, President, AAdvantage Marketing Programs for American Airlines. “It includes a package of services and benefits that are very attractive to the frequent traveler and provides extra rewards for their loyalty when flying American.”

The Citibank Platinum Select AAdvantage card will carry an APR of Prime +9.4%, and an annual fee of $125.

The AAdvantage program, the most popular frequent flyer program in the industry, was started in 1981 by American Airlines and currently has more than 30 million members. Citibank is the largest issuer of Visa and MasterCard, with 37 million cards in circulation.

*Certain restriction apply.

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