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Visa's Golf School Tees Off

The renowned Nicklaus/Flick Golf School will launch its 1998 Touring Programs with three unique instructional programs for Atlanta-area golfers at the Cherokee Run Golf Club

— The Total Game Tour, a three-day program focusing on the areas of golf instruction, nutrition and mental and physical preparation. Classes will be April 17-19 and April 24-26.

— Faults & Cures presented by Visa, a one-day program designed to help cure the most common faults found in the full swing and short game. Daily sessions are scheduled for April 14-29.

— Faults & Cures For Women Only, a one-day program created to help eliminate the most common problems encountered by women golfers, to be held April 28-29.

“Our goal is to offer golfers of every ability the opportunity to take their game to the next level,” said Jim Flick, director of training and education for Nicklaus/Flick Golf School, a division of Golden Bear Golf, Inc. “Each of these programs is designed with that goal in mind, and offers instruction tailored to meet specific needs shared by a wide range of golfers.”

The Total Game Tour is an intensive, three-day instructional program focusing on Nicklaus/Flick’s unique anti-tension approach to improving the total game. Equal emphasis is given to the full swing, short game, course management and fitness and nutrition.

Widely-acclaimed golf instructor Jim Flick, who has taught more than 100 touring professionals including Jack Nicklaus and 1996 British Open champion Tom Lehman, will lead the instruction in seven of the ten cities hosting the Total Game Tour. Flick has hosted more golf schools than any other teacher in the profession. In 1988, he was named PGA of America Teacher of the Year and was the 1996 keynote speaker at the PGA of America Teaching and Coaching Summit.

Martin Hall and Mike Malaska, who together with Flick are members of Golf Magazine’s famed Top 100 Golf Instructors, will lead other sessions.

Enrollment is limited, with a student/teacher ratio of less than 5-to-1. Commuter rates for the Total Game Tour range from $1,875 to $2,275 per person.

Faults & Cures presented by Visa is a series of one-day instructional sessions aimed at curing the most common faults of golfers, such as incorrect grip pressure, bad posture, poor aim, body lunge, poor lower body support, and greenside play faults including the putting yips, the chili-dip and the skull.

Instructors from the Nicklaus/Flick Golf School will travel around the country to head the Faults & Cures program. Each instructor is hand-picked by Jack Nicklaus and Jim Flick based on understanding of the game and ability to teach students effectively in a personable, relaxed manner.

According to Charlie Ricks, vice president of the Nicklaus/Flick Golf School, this year’s Faults & Cures program features several enhancements.

“We’ve added a mobile video unit, which allows instant on-site video analysis of each student’s swing,” said Ricks. “We’ve also improved our student-teacher ratio from 8-to-1 to 6-to-1, to ensure each student has the optimum amount of personal, one-on-one instruction.”

Enrollment is limited. Cost is $350.

Faults & Cures For Women Only builds on the same principles as the Faults & Cures program, but focuses on the specific needs of women golfers.

“Last year, 22 percent of golfers enrolled in Nicklaus/Flick programs were women,” said Ricks. “A key objective for Nicklaus/Flick is to continue to be a leader in providing quality services and instructional products designed specifically for this growing market of golfers.”

Jackie Bertram Kaufman, who heads instruction for the Golf for Women Magazine Golf School by Nicklaus/Flick in Boca Raton, Fla., and Kathy Hart Wood, a member of the Nicklaus/Flick staff since 1994 and instructional editor for Golf For Women magazine, will be lead instructors for the For Women Only programs.

Other instructors include three-time U.S. Women’s Open champion Susie M. Berning and four-time LPGA Tour winner Janet Coles.

Enrollment is limited, with a student/teacher ratio of 6-to-1. Cost is $350.

The Faults & Cures program is presented by Visa, the world’s largest consumer payment system. Visa plays a pivotal role in advancing new payment products and technologies to benefit its 20,700 member financial institutions, their cardholders and the global economy. Visa’s 561 million cards are accepted at 13 million locations worldwide. The Visa Global ATM Network consists of more than 342,000 ATMs in 113 countries. For more information on Visa, visit Visa Expo at

The Nicklaus/Flick Golf School is a division of Golden Bear Golf, Inc. (NASDAQJACK). Golden Bear Golf is a diversified, international brand name golf products and services company engaged in the development, marketing and management of golf-related businesses including golf practice and instruction facilities, golf instructional schools, golf-related consumer products, and the construction of golf courses and resort-related facilities. For more information on Golden Bear Golf, please visit the website at

To reserve a spot in any of these programs, call 1-800-642-5528.

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