Consumer Payment Card News

Rate Drop

The recent introduction of low, fixed, long-term interest rates is driving down average card interest rates. According to the upcoming March issue of Bankcard Barometer, average standard card interest rates dropped from 17.55% to 17.50% on an unweighted basis and from 18.83% to 18.79% on a weighted basis. Gold card rates also dropped from 16.40% to 16.38% on an unweighted basis and from 17.90% to 17.85% on a weighted basis. The decline is the first in more than a year. Since the fourth quarter some major issuers, including Capital One, have begun offering a no-fee, fixed 9.9% go- to rate to selected customers. First USA recently introduced the no-fee ‘Yahoo! VISA’ card with a fixed 9.9% go-to rate for charter applicants.

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