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The world’s widest circulating classical-music magazine, BBC Music Magazine has joined up with First USA to offer the ‘Classical Performance VISA’ card. As part of the launch First USA is sponsoring a special 116-page supplement to the BBC magazine called ‘Classical Music America’. The supplement is a music lover’s guide to cities of North America. The new VISA card offers cardholders discounts on BBC merchandise and music offers as well as special discounts on BBC subscriptions. First USA is offering a 9.99% fixed APR and no-annual-fee. The card will be available as either a Classic or Platinum VISA.

Classical-music lovers everywhere will appreciate the lyrical sounds of today’s announcement by First USA and the BBC, launching the Classical Performance Visa card, and a BBC Music Magazine special supplement sponsored by First USA — Classical Music America. The supplement is a colorful 116-page music-lover’s guide to the cities of North America.

“The classical-music audience that wants to learn more about North America’s major music centers and its best concerts, operas and ballets will be in tune with Classical Music America, which features a wealth of invaluable information,” said Jonathan Gifford, associate publisher, BBC Music Magazine. “And the low-rate Classical Performance Visa card will give Cardmembers special offers and discounts on those things near and dear to a music lover’s heart.”

Applications for the no-annual-fee card will be available via a special toll-free number (800-451-2491). Those approved for the card will be eligible for discounts on both BBC merchandise and BBC music offers, such as limited-edition classical-music CD compilations, along with other special opportunities, shortly after receiving their new card. Special discounts on subscriptions to BBC Music Magazine will also be available to Cardmembers.

The BBC Classical Performance Visa card, available in Classic and Platinum versions that display colorful musical designs, features a competitive 9.99% APR; a credit line of up to $100,000; a money-saving balance-transfer option; and 24-hour, toll-free customer-service support.

BBC Music Magazine, the world’s widest circulating classical-music magazine, covers international news of the classical-music world, including feature stories on top artists, compact-disc reciews and recording-industry news, live concerts, jazz, the connection between visual art and music, emerging artist profiles, important aspects of music history and more.

First USA (, a subsidiary of BANC ONE CORPORATION, is a financial-services company specializing in the credit-card business and is among the largest providers of Visa, MasterCard and private-label credit cards in the nation. First USA has approximately 40.5 million cards issued and $40.8 billion in total loans outstanding.

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