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The leading provider of on-line Web clips signed with First USA yesterday to offer a co-branded card and a suite of highly targeted cards. San Francisco-based XOOM, Inc., is a free membership service offering server space, chat rooms, message boards, HTML email, Web page builders, full-length streaming movies and the largest collection of Web clips on the Internet. The co-branded ‘First USA/XOOM Platinum VISA’ card will offer exclusive XOOM promotions such as a free copy of XOOM’s Web Clip Empire, which sells online for $49.95. Other First USA/XOOM offerings will be cards customized to specific XOOM communities including a sports enthusiasts card, computer professional card, professional women cards, music card, and science fiction cards. As of this morning XOOM has 1,789,298 members and is expanding its membership base by 22,000 per day. First USA is employing its current, fixed 9.99% APR , no-annual-fee pricing for the XOOM card products.

XOOM, Inc., a leading electronic commerce-based Web community, announced Tuesday a strategic relationship with First USA, that will offer XOOM members and non-members a variety of credit cards, including one with a XOOM logo.

These cards, which can be used for both online and offline purchases, will feature competitive interest rates, no annual fee, credit lines up to $100,000 and easy access and management of card member accounts. Additionally, card members will be protected against unauthorized use and will receive the opportunity to benefit from exclusive XOOM promotions, such as a free copy of XOOM’s Web Clip Empire.

“This alliance combines the strengths of a major financial services provider with one of the leading electronic commerce driven communities on the Web,” said Alicia Marziali, vice president of advertising sales for XOOM. “Our membership base, which today is 1,700,000 and is growing at a rate of 22,000 a day, will immediately reap the benefits of this relationship.” The credit cards, featuring 9.99% APRs, will be offered within five XOOM Web community areas:

— Sports enthusiasts cards will be available in XOOM’s “Sports” community.
— Computer professional cards will be available in the “Computer” community.
— Professional women cards will be available in the “Women’s Circle” community.
— Music cards will be available in the “Music” community.
— Science fiction cards will be available in the “Education & Science” community.

Consumers can apply for credit cards featured on XOOM by visiting XOOM’s Web site at

About First USA

First USA (, a subsidiary of BANC ONE CORPORATION, is a financial services company specializing in the credit card business and is among the largest providers of Visa, MasterCard and private-label credit cards in the nation. First USA has approximately 40.1 million credit cards issued and $39.6 billion in total loans outstanding.

About XOOM, Inc.

XOOM, Inc. ( enables Web community building by offering Web users free services, including 11MB of server space, chat rooms, message boards, HTML email, Easy Page Builder and content, such as full-length streaming movies and the largest collection of Web clips on the Internet. Selling its proprietary products as well as third party products to its registered members, XOOM has pioneered direct-response selling on the Internet. XOOM currently has partnerships with, among other companies, AOL, ZDNet, Prodigy, SimpleNet, InfoSpace, Go2Net, Jumbo and Ulead. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and has an advertising sales office in New York. XOOM, Inc. was founded in September, 1996 by Chris Kitze and Laurent Massa.

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