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Another Bankruptcy Poll

According to a TechnoPolitics/Public Opinion Strategies poll of 1200 adults, a substantial majority of Americans believe that those filing bankruptcy should be required to pay back at least a portion of their debts and a near majority believe that Federal laws make it too easy to go broke in America.

The national sampling asked, “When people file for personal bankruptcy, do you believe that they should be forgiven all past debts with no obligation–or, that people should be required to use any assets they have to pay off a portion of their debts.”

Only 10 percent said people should be forgiven all past debts, while 68 percent felt they should be required to pay off at least a portion of their debts. Twenty three percent didn’t know.

The survey also asked respondents to agree or disagree with this statement: “Federal law makes it too easy for people to file bankruptcy and avoid responsibility for paying their bills.” fourty-nine percent agreed, while 25 percent disagreed and 26 percent didn’t know.

The house last week passed legislation that would make it tougher for those filing personal banruptcy to walk away from their debts. The Senate is expected to act on a similar measure later this summer.

TechnoPolitics is the national PBS television series that covers the intersection where science, technology, and the environment collide with politics. TechnoPolitics is produced by the Blackwell Corporation of Arlington, Virginia. Series host is James K. Glassman. Executive Producer is Neal B. Freeman.

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