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CardWeb unveiled this morning several new payment card management tools including an online statistical database service and an online marketing intelligence service. CardWeb also pulled-up the curtain on a totally new Web site design, enabling consumers and executives to more easily navigate CardWeb’s exhaustive menu of payment card or credit card informational services. Robert B. McKinley, president of CardWeb and founder of RAM Research Group, made the announcement this morning at the ‘Internet Strategies for Card Issuers’ conference in Washington, DC.. CardWeb’s most significant new payment card management tools include ‘CardData’ and ‘CardWatch’.

‘CardData’ is a Web-based service, updated daily, with current, historical and proprietary statistics of the payment card industry. For example ‘CardData’ provides quarterly portfolio stats for the nation’s top 300+ issuers. The current stats include daily-posted, second quarter ’98 figures as well as first quarter ’98 figures. Historical data covers quarterly figures for the past five years and annual stats for the past 12 years. ‘CardData’ also provides current and historical data on other management benchmarks such as chargeoffs, delinquencies, pricing and yields.

‘CardWatch’ is a Web-based marketing intelligence service providing card issuers with high quality, snapshots of competitor’s card offers and solicitations. ‘CardWatch’ is updated daily and offers a current and historical database, enabling card issuers to view competitor’s marketing campaigns as they are unleashed as well as conduct historical research. ‘CardWatch’ also offers a current and historical library of print and television ads available for immediate viewing online. The ‘CardWatch’ library expands by 100 print solicitations and about 50 other non-print credit card offers per month.

‘CardWeb’ is offering both services online, via password-protected Web access and off-line as a CD. CardWeb may be accessed via ‘CardData’ and ‘CardWatch’ are accessible via or via and

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