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Beeping Wallet

“The Beeping Wallet” is the first patented electronic wallet designed to protect credit cards from being lost or stolen.

Any time a credit card is removed, the wallet will sound a beep to remind users to replace their credit card. The new wallet is now available from Kopel Inc., located in Westlake Village.

“At one time or another, we’ve all left a credit card behind at a store, restaurant or gas station,” said David Kopel, the wallet’s inventor and president of Kopel Inc. The Beeping Wallet reminds you that one of your credit cards is out of your wallet. Once you remove a card, the wallet beeps every 20 seconds until it is replaced. The beeping mechanism shuts off automatically after five minutes.

Kopel, an aerospace engineer by trade, came up with the idea of a beeping wallet after his wife lost her credit card. After extensive research, development and testing, Kopel designed the wallet to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure conditions. The Beeping Wallet operates by using a small microchip and a standard, replaceable watch battery with a three-year warranty.

The Beeping Wallet comes in 10 styles for men and women. For international travelers, a passport style with beeping security system is offered to protect the passport from being lost or stolen.

“You wouldn’t know by its look, weight or feel that the wallet has this unique built-in security feature. It looks just like any other designer wallet,” noted Kopel. The wallet collection features the finest leather selections with the electronic technology of the future.

“Anyone who has forgotten a credit card at a store or restaurant, or has accidentally left their ATM card at the bank, knows how much trouble it is getting a new card,” said Kopel. “People panic when they lose their credit card. If The Beeping Wallet helps you just once to remember to retrieve your card, it has more than paid for itself.”

Retail prices for the wallets are between $20 and $40. For further information, call Kopel Inc. at 800/988-6255 or e-mail the company at [email protected] Never be a victim of credit card loss again.

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