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Thrifty AmEx Promotion

While some competitors are launching “triple-miles” promotions, Thrifty Car Rental is offering a double-miles promotion through Oct. 31 that can earn frequent flyers as many as three times the number of miles offered by these other car rental companies.

Hertz is awarding triple miles based on miles per dollar spent ($1 spent = 3 miles earned) and Avis is offering base miles of 50 miles per day (tripled to 150 miles) in most of its airline programs, both of which may net the customer as few as 300 miles per two-day car rental. But with Thrifty, a standard base of 500 miles per flight segment will double for consumers to 1,000 miles under its promotion for a two-day car rental.

“Consumers need to keep in mind that it’s the base miles earned that are important when comparing the bottom-line value of double- and triple-miles promotions,” said Bob Thunell, Staff Vice President of Sales at Thrifty.

The double-miles promotion at Thrifty is good when customers rent and pay with an American Express card through Oct. 31, 1998.

To receive double miles, the rental must be picked up between Sunday and Wednesday and be kept a minimum of two days.

Those paying with American Express are eligible for double miles on these partner airlines: Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, America West, Continental, Horizon Air, Reno Air and TWA. American Airlines AAdvantage members may pay via any method and still receive double miles from Thrifty.

To book Thrifty, customers may contact their travel agent, call 1-800-FOR-CARS, or log on to the company’s web site at

Thrifty Car Rental, a subsidiary of Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, is an international network of about 1,200 locations in over 70 countries around the world. Thrifty serves both the airport market and the local car rental market, and is one of the country’s largest airport parking operators with more than 14,000 spaces in 48 U.S. cities. Additional information about Thrifty can be obtained at

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