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Jingle Bells, Internet Sells

Forget the parking meters, empty shelves, lines around the block, lost time and STRESS, and shop online. Visa U.S.A. has just released a Hard-To-Shop-For-No-More survey that says what many of us already know – that more and more of us are shopping online.
You might see yourself in some of these survey statistics:

… 37% of those who plan to shop online this holiday season think the hardest person to shop for will be their spouse/partner
… 29% said they are most likely to shop online for their kids
… 86% have a specific product in mind when they shop online
… 60% have shopped online in their pajamas
… 84% have shopped online with their shoes off
… 36% have shopped online while eating a meal

This holiday season, clothes and books top the list of most-sought gifts, with toys and CDs next.

Convenience is a top priority for more than two-thirds of online shoppers. In fact, night owls constitute over 45% of online shoppers, doing their shopping weeknights between 5:00 PM and midnight. It seems that weekends are reserved for other activities, since only 15% of those who shop online do so during the weekend hours.

The survey also revealed some other online possibilities that have not been fully explored by many shoppers: comparison shopping to find best buys and bargains; buying from international web sites; online auctions; and having a purchase gift-wrapped and sent directly to the recipient.

Lighten your load this holiday season by shopping online. You can contact Visa at

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